Our team

We are an architecture and design studio specialized in residential projects with work experience in Madrid, Canary Islands and London, where we have become enormously enriched with new ideas. Currently in Las Palmas we are working with new residential projects in both renovations and interior design and new construction.

Laura Garcia Palerm is an architect from "Escuela Tecnica Superior de Madrid " since 2006. Since then she has been working as an architect, initially in Madrid in an architecture studio specializing in residential projects, continuing in Tenerife and with 7 years of experience in London where she is specialized in luxury housing projects. She is taking care of the completion of the project from the beginning of the project, construction management, interior design and lighting.

Our architecture is characterized by seeking luminosity and taking advantage of spaces as well as we are concerned about the relationship of architecture with the landscape and the link between de outside and inside space. We adapt to the needs of the clients according to the project.