Reforms, new build and interior design


Éstos son algunos ejemplos de los proyectos residenciales realizados últimamente. Cada proyecto es único y con características y necesidades de los clientes diferentes. La idea de espacio funcional, luminosidad y relación exterior e interior se mantienen entre ellos como características de nuestra arquitectura.

House AA

Full remodeling of a traditional house with contemporary architecture, linking the new and old with each other.

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Lanzarote Apartment

Interior and exterior reform project of an apartment in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Landscape and Architecture are related to each other creating an inseparable combination between them.

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House with view

New construction of a detached house with special features in an area of conservation area . Once again the landscape is one of the fundamental project ingredients.

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Cube house

Rear extension towards the garden of a detached house. Close relationship between the interior and exterior space of the house.

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Sea Apartment

Segregation of a house and reform of an apartment in Las Palmas.

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Thomas Project

Project of integral reform of a house in Las Palmas.

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Tanza Project

Project of integral reform of a single-family house. Relationship between the interior and exterior space of the garden on the ground floor with direct openings to the exterior

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House W

Integral reform of a detached house of 4 floors where the open space and double-height space on the ground floor which is once again related to the exterior space.

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Sky House

Total reform of a single-family house with skylight and glass wall dividing the two parts of the house and relating the interior space with the exterior.

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Apartment Romford

Interior design of a one-bedroom apartment.

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Trees House

Comprehensive reform of a single-family home and extension to the garden to highlight the relationship between housing and exterior.

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